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we specialize in business consulting with five core areas:

Giving a Presentation

Product & Service Decisions


  • Pricing structures and recommendations

  • Flow through analysis and Feasibility Reports


Consumer Insight

  • Conducting in-depth market studies

  • Consumer-based development initiatives


Merchant & Buyer Materials

  • Product and service Merchant Decks

  • In-store merchandising recommendations


Business Planning

  • Business planning, strategy, and analysis

  • Developing comprehensive business plans

  • Critical pre-work for business startups

  • Market and industry studies

  • Financial planning, analysis, and feasibility


Professional Business Presentations

  • Business Plans

  • Investor & Funding Pitch Decks

  • Merchant Pitch Decks

  • Business Feasibility Reports


Digital Marketing Tools

  • Website and platform development

  • Social media platforms

  • Layout design

  • General online marketing material


Business Expertise

  • Business operations, processes, and structure

  • Retail operations expertise

  • Franchise business development


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Warehouse Workers

Process Analysis

  • Process design, logistics, and management

  • Lean operations and process development

  • Evaluation of current operational processes

  • Improving efficiencies and productivity


Operations Development

  • Industry research and benchmarking

  • Standard operating procedures consulting


State Of The Business Operations Analysis

  • SWOT analysis and review

  • Current state of the business review

  • Inclusion of field experts to help analyze business

  • Full analytics of business


Operations Training

  • Standard Operating Procedures consulting

  • Training material development

  • In-depth training designed for all levels

  • Company-specific operations training


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Waste Controls

  • Identifying gaps in waste control

  • Waste reduction and control initiatives

  • Teaching and training for all levels



  • Financial analysis and planning

  • Forecasting and Pro Forma models

  • Business feasibility models

  • P&Ls, Cost Analysis, Breakeven, and more reports

  • Product and service pricing decisions

  • Investor material and presentations

  • General financial acumen training


Expense Analysis

  • Detailed leverage analysis of P&L

  • Line by line breakdown of current expenses

  • Focus areas for cost savings

  • Expense savings initiatives and monitoring

  • Workforce training


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  • Logo design

  • Branding

  • Marketing 

Design Projects

  • Layout design

  • General graphic designing projects

  • Design research and field studies



  • Website design and launch

  • Social media page design

  • Posts and other digital marketing

  • Print material


Graphic Design Office


  • Professional PowerPoint presentations

  • Design element integration in business presentations

  • Product or service Merchant Decks


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Workforce Performance Enhancement

  • Conducting workforce analysis

  • Workforce efficiency initiatives

  • Policy and procedure consulting



Team Engagement

  • Business and leadership review

  • Engagement analysis

  • Personnel touchpoints and interaction

  • Administering team feedback sessions



  • Leadership development, training, and sessions

  • Providing transparent leadership feedback

  • Servant leadership consulting


Personnel Structure

  • Workforce structure recommendations

  • Developing company’s organizational charts

  • Defining company roles and responsibilities

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our services

business development
workforce development
operational enhancements
graphic design
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we simplify consulting into three easy steps...

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