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Envisicore offers consulting services concentrating on:


         ·   business development

         ·   operations enhancements 

         ·   financial analysis

         ·   graphic designing

         ·   workforce enrichment


We leverage our extensive business background to

envision potential, conceptualize ideas, and develop

solutions to strengthen business performance. 


Envisicore has multilevel solution capabilities and is focused on engaging with our client's needs, conducting in-depth business analysis and providing comprehensive, goal-oriented solutions.


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Thank you for considering Envisicore for all of your business needs.   We are a forward-thinking, innovative and highly result-driven team with extensive experience and deep understanding of all aspects of business. We are able to assist you and your business by applying our knowledge and experience to dissect, analyze and

develop comprehensive solutions.

Michael Collischan
Business Consultant
  • Detail-oriented operations and process execution.

  • In-depth financial acumen and P&L understanding through managing large-scale revenue, forecasting, controlling costs, and delivering profit objectives.

  • Extensive understanding of the retail industry with broad experience in strategic planning, working in a customer focused environment, and deriving solutions to satisfy customer objectives.

  • Supervising high-caliber teams and building talent through rigorous planning, developing talent strategies, and promoting qualified candidates into roles of higher responsibilities.

  • Developing internal and external relationships with merchants, executives, vendors, community leaders and business officials to collaborate on resolving opportunities, growing revenue, and building reputation.

  • Multiple years of graphic designing experience including logo development, website development, building social media platforms, layouts, and print material.


Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Our combined skills, including graphic designing, allows us to provide our clients high quality products at very affordable prices.


Our business experience includes:

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